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Drako NRX-2 Ballistic Bag Gloves

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Take your pad and bag work to the next level of comfort and protection with the Drako NRX2 Ballistic Bag Gloves. As soon as you try these gloves on, you'll notice how much of a difference quality really makes.

Product Details:

  • NRX FOAM Technology
  • Micro fiber and Ballistic leather materials
  • Wrist lock closure system
  • Economical
  • Korean Lycra lining
  • Elongated padded thumb and finger tips
  • Superior comfort and protection
  • Available in S/M or L/XL sizes

Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves Description:

Featuring NRX FOAM technology, these NRX2 gloves offer maximum shock absorbency at the point of impact through its three chambers of protection. Its precise weight distribution and anatomic design delivers world class comfort and protection during long pad sessions.

The Drako NRX2 Ballistic Bag Gloves wrist-lock velcro closure system provides a secure fit to stabilize your wrist in proper position to eliminate fatigue or sprains. New materials have also been implemented in the Bag Glove such as the Korean Lycra inner lining, Ballistic leather, and Micro fiber padding. The Korean Lycra is especially soft, comfortable, and consists of antibacterial components that reduce odor build up. The main difference between the NRX & NRX2 series are the colour outlining of the body and trim of the gloves.

Bag Gloves vs. Boxing Gloves

Bag gloves and boxing gloves are similar yet distinctly different. Boxing gloves are more versatile than bag gloves because you can use them for bag and pad work, sparring, and (depending on the weight) competition. Bag gloves, however, have a more specific purpose. They are exclusively training gloves because their design caters to heavy bags and pads. Bag gloves, lighter and more balanced, make it easier for you to train for longer without suffering from wrist fatigue. While both amateur and professional athletes use bag gloves, most users have additional boxing gloves for sparring and competition.