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Drako Max Fit Boxing Gloves

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The Drako Max Fit Boxing Gloves are an ideal choice for anyone looking for quality, durable starter gloves. They are perfect for bag and pad training, or for sparring.

Drako Max Fit Boxing Gloves Details:

  • Synthetic leather with matte finish
  • Available in 12oz and 16oz sizes
  • Velcro closure strap
  • Perfect for bag/pad work or sparring
  • Suitable for various disciplines


Product Description:

New matte PU outer material

The Drako Max Fit Boxing Gloves are made with the latest generation SuperTech Leather materials. This material has a matte finish, giving these gloves a classic yet modern appearance. Apart from being a more economical material, synthetic leather also has the advantage of being more durable than animal leather. As an added bonus for those conscious about animal welfare, it's vegan!

Quality construction

These gloves offer amazing value due to their low price point and quality construction. The durable material has reinforced stitching on high stress points, ensuring that the gloves will hold up during intense training and sparring sessions. The Velcro closure strap has excellent bite, keeping the gloves secure during use.

Versatile for use in many disciplines

These gloves are versatile for use in many different disciplines, including boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and cardio fitness. The cut of the gloves is modeled after a Muay Thai style cut but will serve you well no matter what style you train in.

Size Guide:

Note: the ounces measurement refers to the weight of the padding the glove has, but also to the size of the hand compartment. The 8oz and 10oz sizes are best suited for children and young adult hands and the 12-16oz sizes are best for adult hands; however, the adult sizes are one-size-fits-all.

12oz boxing gloves: this gloves are ideal for pad and bag work for both male and female students. It is the #1 choice for cardio kickboxing and boxing classes.

16oz boxing gloves: these gloves are best for sparring sessions and rigorous training because they offer a large amount of protection for the user and help to prevent injuries.