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Drako F1 Alpha Sparring Gloves

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The New F1 Alpha Sparring Glove is the newest addition to the Drako line of quality Sparring and Training equipment. This sleek and comfortable fit, with its eye-catching design, is a perfect match for those athletes looking for both style and real world functionality.

The option to choose either a 12oz,  or 16oz weight glove, gives you the flexibility to choose the right pair for either bag/pad work, or for sparring purposes.

The glove itself is built beautifully, with quality materials and aesthetics. The fit itself is very comfortable and offers more than adequate protection and stability to the wrist. The dense foam inner core around the knuckles gives fantastic shock absorbency, which is ideal for long sparring sessions and/or heavy bag and pad work.

We feel these gloves are a perfect choice to anyone training in Boxing, kickboxing and Cardio fitness programs.

Product Features:

  • Available in 16oz or 12oz options
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Strong Velcro cuff
  • Excellent wrist support
  • Comfortable and sleek design
  • Ideal for Beginner and intermediate athletes