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Drako Cross X Boxing Gloves

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With their light pink and white design, the Drako Cross X Boxing Glovesare both stylish and functional. Drako made these fitness boxing gloves with female athletes specifically in mind. They have smaller hand compartments in order to provide a snug and secure fit. The Cross X gloves are designed primarily for training and workouts. They are ideal for cardio kickboxing and pad work.

Product Details:

  • Stylish and functional workout glove
  • Designed for female athletes
  • High quality synthetic leather covering
  • Breathable inner palm
  • Velcro cross closure strap
  • Ideal for cardio kickboxing and pad work
  • Sizes Available: 12oz

Drako Cross X Boxing Gloves Description:

These sparring gloves have mesh material in the palm area. This helps to keep your hands cool and dry during training. Drako also designed the inner lining with comfort in mind, which means you can train harder and longer.

The Velcro closure strap makes it easy to put these gloves on, as well as to take them off. This is useful during training that requires quick application and removal in between different workout activities. It also offers increased stability and wrist support during pad work.

12oz boxing gloves are ideal for cardio kickboxing and boxing classes. The ounces measurement refers to the amount of padding the in the glove. 12oz gloves offer the perfect balance between protection and weight for activities such as using a punching bag.

The synthetic leather used in these vinyl boxing gloves is a great option for those seeking an alternative to natural leather.

All Drako boxing gloves are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, using both durable materials and innovative design. Drako also ensures that all factories that manufacture their products are ISO approved. This means that the factories meet acceptable, safe, and humane working conditions.

These pink gloves are ideal kickboxing gloves for women. Drako designed them to be stylish, durable, comfortable, and functional. So, if you are looking for womens boxing gloves or ladies boxing gloves, the Cross X gloves are perfect for you!