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Drako Carbon Sparring Gloves

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The Drako Carbon Sparring Gloves are one of a kind with their diamond pattern design. These sparring boxing gloves are available in a striking silver or gold. Made from high quality PU with velcro closures and elongated cuffs, this is one of the newest gloves from Drako’s Sports line-up, and thus far its response from the market is fiercely positive.

This is another great example proving that there is, in fact, an ability to uphold quality at competitive pricing.

Product Details:

  • Striking carbon patterning design
  • Velcro closure with elongated cuff
  • High quality PU
  • Colours available: silver, gold
  • Sizes available: 12oz, 16oz

Drako Carbon Sparring Gloves Description:

The Drako Carbon Sparring Gloves are solidly built entry-level training gloves. There is strong attention to detail in its excellent velcro, smooth (synthetic leather) carbon hide, and a comfortable inner lining.

These gloves are an excellent fit for any individual. With the Drako Carbon Sparring Boxing Glove, cuff is elongated, allowing for great wrist support, while the padding in the knuckle section offers adequate protection on impact. Additionally, there is a mesh palm that allows airflow to channel through the glove, keeping your hands cool during training.

Quite simply, these gloves are gorgeous and unmistakably eye-catching. Both the silver and gold trims pop out against the black diamond pattern in carbon style, ensuring that all heads will be turning in your gym. For an entry-level model glove, you are certainly getting every penny’s worth in a product like the Carbon Training Glove by Drako.

Size Guide:

Note: the ounces measurement refers to the weight of the padding the glove has, but also to the size of the hand compartment. The 8oz and 10oz sizes are best suited for children and young adult hands and the 12-16oz sizes are best for adult hands; however, the adult sizes are one-size-fits-all.

8oz boxing gloves: these amateur boxing gloves are excellent for young students and children with small hands.

10oz boxing gloves: we suggest this size for young adults and adults with small hands. This glove is ideal for pad and bag work and is a great choice for cardio kickboxing classes.

12oz boxing gloves: this glove is ideal for pad and bag work for both male and female students. It is the #1 choice for cardio kickboxing and boxing classes.

14oz boxing gloves: these are great multi-use gloves for light sparring and pad/bag work. They are ideal for most kickboxing and boxing classes.

16oz boxing gloves: these gloves are best for sparring sessions and rigorous training because they offer a large amount of protection for the user and help to prevent injuries.

Note: we provide this size guide to give you a good idea of which glove is best for you, but it is always better to consult your instructor or one of our staff. That way, you can be sure about which glove is perfect for your needs.